Ariel Slamet Ries is an eggplant and/or human from Melbourne, Australia. After studying animation at The Animation Workshop in Denmark for 4 years, they lost their degree in the post and unceremoniously bumbled into making comics for a living. In their free time you might find them sewing badly, making music badly, or looking at pictures of opossums screaming.

Their first two major print releases, Witchy and Cry Wolf Girl, were released 2019, with Witchy Volume 2 (Oni Press) releasing in March of 2022. They are currently squirreled away in a hermitage creating their fourth book, Strange Bedfellows, set for release in 2024 from Harper Collins.

For all book and book-adjacent inquiries, please contact Ariel’s agent: Linda Camacho of Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency at

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